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We don't believe in making things complicated...

  • Step 1: Download the Parents Letters, Design Templates and Order Forms from the email. The reason we do it this way is so you can print off as many or as few as you like avoiding waste, to allow a chance for additional sheets if errors are made and of course to distribute safely and electronically during the current Covid crisis.

  • Step 2: Plan if the designs are going to be done in class time or sent home as a family project. If it’s being done in class, distribute the design templates and let the creativity commence! We’ve listed some dos and don’ts on the templates for guidance. If the designs are being done at home, they can be sent to parents/carers with the information letter.

  • Step 3: Once the designs are complete (including the details at the base of the sheet), it’s time to take the orders using the forms supplied with payments (£5 per pack made payable to the school).

  • Step 4: When you have all the design sheets, order forms and payments, send the order forms and designs to Dash (UK) Ltd, Ebdon Bow, Wick St Lawrence, Weston super Mare, North Somerset BS22 9NZ

  • Step 5: When everything has been received by Dash, we’ll raise an invoice to the school for the cost of the cards and email it to you (*£4.35 per pack & £5.25 for each mug) which can be paid by cheque, credit card or bank transfer (the details will be on the invoice). A donation of 65p per pack and 75p per mug will be paid to Somerset Wildlife Trust by Dash (UK) Ltd.

  • Step 6: On settlement of the invoice, we’ll start the production

  • Step 7: Your cards with the original designs and a copy of the order forms will be sent to you all together using a signed for courier then you can distribute accordingly. 

  • Step 8: Enjoy spending the money you’ve raised in school and have a Happy Christmas!

  • We supply the templates, letters for parents and order forms

  • Up to £1.30* from every pack of cards ordered and £1.50 for each mug is shared equally between your school and Somerset Wildlife Trust

  • Cards cost parents just £5.00 per pack (12 cards) and Mugs cost parents £6.00

  • Easy to administer... Dash does all the hard work

  • You'll be dealing with a company which has over 20 years experience working with fundraising and mail order 

(*if the  total order is less than 50 packs, the organising school and Somerset Wildlife Trust gets an equal share of  £1.10 per pack)

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All the cards will be produced in the UK

Call us on 01934 519555

Dash (UK) Ltd

Ebdon Bow, Wick St Lawrence

Weston super Mare

BS22 9NZ

email us

© Iain Shaw 2021

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